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Statistic for 'The best jokes'

Statistic for the past 7 days
25-11-2017 0
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21-11-2017 1
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2017 20


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09/04/2017 03:53
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06/05/2016 20:59
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06/05/2016 20:59
And you're fucking crazy Jamie, but thanks all the same.Hey Gio, thanks a lot man. In fairness to your local comic shop, th&3y#e9;re not gonna know how much of any comic they're gonna sell, so unless you tell them you want it they're not likely to order it.Glad you like the elevator shot; spent a while planning out that bad boy. Surprised they showed so much of the issue; nearly half of it! [url=]yhjpbczk[/url] [link=]dxdpbpyfuhi[/link]
06/05/2016 20:59
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06/05/2016 20:59
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06/05/2016 13:13
intitle & co permettent aussi de trouver des fichiers comme les mp2r383#0;T&ès utile ce google, mais la faille est déjà exploitée par certains webmasters.Je ne savais pas pour le transport en train et/ou en avion, sympa. :-)
06/05/2016 13:13
I think it was a really good idea to create a DF Twitter account. We should also make a DF FB page / group. If we move DF to WP there are, as you know, some good automated plugins. Le¶t7;s talk.
06/05/2016 13:13
protestant: to je faleÅ¡né dogma, ve kterém tvrdíte: Svobodu rozhodování můžete použít jen tehdy pokud máte minimálnÄ› dvÄ› volby, dvÄ› cesty kterými se dá8#&t230;neříkám to proto, že bych byl ateista, ale proto, že otázka Boha je tak závažná, že je nutné faleÅ¡né pÅ™edstavy o Bohu odmítnout… Oblíbil jsem si ono: Bůh může být jen jeden… tedy pro toho vaÅ¡eho už tu není místo.
06/05/2016 13:13
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03/05/2016 23:42
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